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“Avery has helped me come face-to-face with what is causing my fear, anxiety and doubt. In turn, I’ve become more confident in tackling these internal battles…”

“If anyone is looking for someone to not only talk to but to help you dig into what the core of your problems are in order to move forward and become the best version of yourself, I recommend reaching out to Avery. Through my five sessions, she has helped peel a layer off of what I am feeling on the inside. I did not expect to come face to face with what's really causing my fear and anxiety/ doubt but with the help of Avery I've been more confident in being honest with myself and tackling these internal battles. Although our free sessions have come to an end, I feel comfortable and vulnerable enough with her to continue more sessions and work towards my self improvement. Avery shows patience, empathy, understanding, and most importantly love. Her passion and drive to helping others shows right through her conversations, guidance, and support.” - Miranda Z.

“Avery has helped me get down to the root of my problems, and has taught me strategies to become a better version of myself…”

“I recommend anyone and everyone to reach out to Avery if you are in need of help and/or support when figuring out the root of your problems, whether that be struggling with self-love, anxiety, relationship issues, etc. She has taught me strategies to become a better version of myself and to feel comfortable in my own skin. I have never felt more at ease and self-love for myself, as I do now after my five sessions talking with Avery. She has helped me voice my feelings into words, and I have learned how to be honest with my feelings to move forward and face these battles within myself. Avery is an amazing listener and is available at any time to help you work through issues and to give you amazing advice. She is truly passionate about what she does, and I am very thankful to have had her support through this difficult transition period of my life.” - Lindsey A.

“Avery is here to help you take control of your own life. She has helped me clarify my goals, my priorities, and reminds me to take time for myself…”

“Avery is a Strength and Confidence Coach that I would highly recommend to anyone who is seeking to take control of their life. I started working with Avery back in September 2018. She has helped me clarify my goals, my priorities, and reminded me to take time for myself. All of these aspects can be difficult to manage when you work multiple jobs, on top of working towards an undergraduate degree. Change is necessary to reach goals and become what you consider success in your life. Having that extra support backing you up is riveting. Your own success is in your hands, and Avery is here to help you take control of your life.” – Jennifer Z.