Here’s why:


Table Talk: Opening the Conversation

+ Overcoming depression, anxiety, doubt & fear
+ Discovering purpose, clarity & hope
+ Finding faith & Jesus
+ Positive lifestyle, habits & mental health
+ Personal development goals
+ Becoming the best version of yourself
+ Letting go of burdens, guilt, & resentment

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Learn From Other Women

#SOS creates a safe space for young women to connect, share, grow and learn through all things regarding truth, purposepositive living and personal development. We share experiences, and offer discussions to achieve self-acceptance, to gain confidence in facing our limitations, and to create a culture of intentional living and authenticity. We aim to break barriers and to instill lasting hope in our communities, as well as within ourselves. The ultimate goal is to cultivate the best and highest version of ourselves, by shedding light on our stories & discovering our truth, while inspiring others to feel they can do the same. 

Vulnerability & Inspiring Stories

Whether you’re feeling broken, lost, hurt, confused, or even feeling at your best—we welcome you to come as you are. With women sharing stories and breaking silences, we believe in the value that vulnerability offers: greater understanding of our truth, our authentic selves, and greater self-acceptance. We encourage sharing testimonies and experiences to show people just like you that they are not alone in the battle. We believe in creating a culture of acceptance, as we work to defeat the ultimate thief of joy: comparison, envy and doubt. We’re always promoting community over competition.


Resources & Blogs

We share resources such as blogs and freebies to create an inspirational outlet that serves to motivate & uplift you throughout the day! We offer opportunities for YOU to contribute your skills & enhance your talents in and outside of the #SOS community. We use these platforms to create and inspire vulnerability, love, support, community and authenticity. And best of all, your story has a place here.

Creating a uniting force of world-changing women that seek to inspire hope and strength in humanity.”